Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Table Etiquette and Lay Up -101

Ever gone for a formal dinner or lunch at any of the fine dine restaurants ,or was it a formal or corporate event and you were met up with this elaborately set up table?You quickly start panicking inside but since you do not want to show that you are not from the village{read:Home or Mshamba} you silently take up your seat but your mind races with several questions and thoughts such as ....why this many spoons? What do i start with? Which glass is for water or should i drink straight from the bottle?with which hand should i hold the knife or the fork?.....the questions always seem to be endless and i know if you are like me sometime back you go into safemode...i.e allow the other person to start and follow the lead, and if he is in the same boat as you...that's where the drama begins.

Simply put a picture speaks a thousand words...therefore acquaint yourself with the attached photo/infographics ...they may prove to be your savior from now on.

This kind of Table etiquette and setup came to our continent by ship therefore there is no need to feel embarrassed. Take sometime to learn the westernized culture but at the same time if you are eating African cuisine ,please elect to keep it local.Dig into that 'Ugali' with your your fistcup  shaped hand.As long as your hands are clean and washed you will be right in order.The Japanese/Chinese also have their unique table etiquette and they have exported it worldwide and i t has gained appeal.It therefore stands to reason that we must be proud of our local [Read: Traditional] etiquette and table manners otherwise it will not have appeal to others.

And right...don't eat while talking or with your mouth open at the same time(some guys are able to do that) its so irritating-that's just universal table manners !


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